Study visit – Iceland

2nd stage of the Interdisciplinary & Intersectoral Cooperation peer-training of trainers: study visit in Iceland

The visit was conducted in the framework of the project “Using the Icelandic Police’s paradigm to build a Greek multi-Agency substantial partnership, in order to strengthen the support and protection of women and children victims of domestic violence, in line with the standards of the Istanbul Convention” (#GR_IS_UnitedForDVSurvivors), that EAVN coordinates in partnership with the National Commissioner of Iceland and The Smile of the Child, and is funded by Active citizens fund.

The Greek delegation consisted of professionals from three sectors responsible for the handling of domestic violence cases and for the provision of support to women survivors and their children, and specifically from the:

– Domestic Violence Department, General Policing Division, Hellenic Police Headquarters

– Domestic Violence office of Alimos police station

– Athens court of first instance

– Prosecutor’s Office in the Court of First Instance of Athens

– Social services of Municipality of Agios Dimitrios

– The Smile of the Child

– European Anti-Violence Network

as well as the external experts of the project:

– Χeni Dimitriou, Honorary Prosecutor of Supreme Court of Greece

– Sofia Bekatorou, Psychologist, Olympic medalist in sailing

The Greek delegation consisted also of the Major and deputy Major of Agios Dimitrios Municipality, where the standard operating procedures (SoPs) that are being developed by the Greek Task Force will be pilot tested.

We would like to specialy thank the National Commissioner of Icelandic Police, Sigríður Björk Guðjónsdóttir, for sharing with us the applied cross-sectional good practices of Iceland that prioritize the safety and wellbeing of domestic violence survivors, women and children. We would also like to thank the staff of her office for the organization of an excellent study visit as well as all the Icelandic organizations that participated.


Active citizens fund Greece

EEA and Norway Grants

EEA Grants Greece

Bodossaki Foundation – Ίδρυμα Μποδοσάκη


The Norwegian Embassy in Athens, Greece


Training mobility – Barcelona

Together with partners from Italy Maghweb and Spain Fundació Aroa we took part in a week-long training mobility in Barcelona for #AllAboutEve project, a partnership project that aims to improve the skills of organisations working with and for adult women in Europe in communication and education.

During the week, we had in-depth discussions with our Italian and Spanish partners about the methods and practices that we implement on a daily basis to combat gender-based violence. Fundació Aroa and European Anti-Violence Network are two organisations that work in close contact with women and vulnerable people at a local level, offering them legal, psychological and emotional support. Their approaches are always innovative, holistic and intersectional.

Even though there are definitely considerable cultural and legislative differences between Italy, Spain and Greece (just think of “Consellera d’Igualtat i Feminismes“ in Catalonia: a regional ministry that exists to combat discrimination against minorities at an institutional level) it became clear as the week went on that patriarchal and macho culture have a very strong presence in all three partner countries. Gender-based violence is the most extreme manifestation of this problematic culture and in order to counteract it we need raise awareness about it.

The All about Eve project is supported by the Erasmus+ agency Indire through the Erasmus+ programme.

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Capacity building of psychosocial professionals of Agios Dimitrios Municipality

From November until February 2022 it took place the Training Seminar of health and social care professionals and municipal police officers of Agios Dimitrios Municipality on the topic of Domestic Violence against Women. A total of 15 professionals participated in the seminar and the duration was 25 hours (5 sessions). 

The training aimed at the awareness raising of professionals on the topic of Domestic Violence and at their training in order to obtain the necessary skills needed and tools in order to conduct screening and risk assessment of cases of abuse, to develop safety plans, to document and refer the survivor (and her children, if any) to the most appropriate service depening on her needs. The training included also legal information concerning DV.  

Training Seminar “Building Healthy Intimate Relationships”

On 1st-3rd April 2015 was successfully held the 1st Training Seminar of Teachers and Psychologists entitled: “Building Healthy Intimate Relationships“. A total of 20 Teachers and Psychologists who work at the NGO “The Smile of the Child” and at the Shelter for Abused Women of the Municipality of Athens attended the seminar. The aim of the seminar was the: 

  • theoretical and experiential training of teachers on issues related to gender stereotypical attitudes, gender equality and gender-based violence in adolescents’ relationships 
  • capacity building and skills development for the implementation and evaluation of the adolescents’ awareness raising workshops in school or other settings 
  • development of skills related to identifying, handling and appropriate referring of cases of abuse of children and teens they may face.

The seminar took place in Athens in the Studio “YouSmile“ of the NGO “The Smile of the Child”. The trainees who attended the seminar will implement adolescents’ awareness raising workshops. The next seminar will be held in Athens at the beginning of the school year 2015-2016 for secondary education teachers from different areas of Greece. 

GEAR against IPV Χτίζοντας υγιείς σχέσεις ανάμεσα στα δύο φύλα students awareness raising prevention of intimate partner violence

The training seminars were conducted in the framework of the Project GEAR against IPV – II with the financial support of the DAPHNE III Programme of the European Union.

More information about the project and its activities are available on the project’s website

European Anti-Violence Network (EAVN) was the Project’s Coordinator – the project had a duration of 2 years (2014 – 2016).    

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